Our mares are our treasures. We breed only a few foals each year and focus on breeding quality Purebred arabians that can compete at the highest levels with temperament plus. Click on the name of a mare to see more information about her.

Sarangani Dasjmiri RoseEskdale Vienna Rose
Sarangani Dasjmiri Rose

Sire: *WN Dasjmir
Dam: *Wild Rose by Argos

01/09/91 Grey Mare

Eskdale Vienna Rose
Sire: Maf-Ue Shaienne
Dam: Sarangani Dasjmiri Rose

14/12/06 Grey Filly
sari2Jaytee Royal Princess
Bint Saranya Rose

Sire: Tristram Halsa
Dam: Sarangani Saranya Rose by Ya'Bub

27/09/95 Chestnut Mare
Jaytee Royal Princess

Sire: Royal Gindi
Dam: Arabian Park Ruling Queen by Ansata El Hakim

05/10/96 Bay Mare
Eskdale Shaienna BaeEskdale Sarah Bae
Eskdale Shaienna Bae

Sire: Maf-Ue Shaienne
Dam: Panmure Sarah by *Sunshine Bey

13/10/05 Bay Mare

Eskdale Sarah Bae

Sire: Sheikha Bae
Dam: Panmure Sarah by Sunshine Bey

08/10/04 Bay Mare
Sarangani Heart Of A Roselime4
Sarangani Heart Of A Rose

Dam: Rose Of Sarangani by *Rave VF

12/11/04 Black Mare
Eskdale Silver Limelight

Sire: Zarhedahn
Dam: BP Suzi-Ra by Shanarah

22/09/91 Chestnut Mare

Eskdale Madeline RoseEskdale Zarosa
Eskdale Madeline Rose

Sire: Baranski
Dam: Rose of Sarangani by *Rave VF

30/08/09 Grey Filly
Eskdale Zarosa

Sire: Cedardell Zanzibar
Dam: Rose of Sarangani by *Rave VF

25/11/07 Bay Filly
Eskdale Khamis
Eskdale Khamis
Sire: Abu Shaklan
Dam: Eskdale Silver Kimberley by Zarhedahn

13/08/98 Grey Mare